CUBE lighthouse

The CUBE lighthouse is an easy way to create extra space – a sauna, home office, cottage, arbor or a solution created just for you. From the various finishing and heat-insulation packages, you can choose the solution based on your needs, and the house can be expanded with modules in the future.

EasyHome CUBE - exactly what you need:

Easy to purchase, transport and install
Easy to expand with additional modules
Compatible with the environment
Dynamic design and low administrative costs
Selection of modules includes CUBE S 3210x3210, CUBE M 3210x4200, CUBE L 3210x6200
Available in uninsulated and insulated models
Terrace modules can be connected and, if desired, ordered with a canopy
Materials used: glued laminated wood, deep impregnated terrace board, plywood, cladding board, aluminum profile, glass, EPDM
EPS or SPU heating plates are used as insulation material (ceiling, floor 150 mm, walls 100 mm)
Building closures: standard double glazing and sliding door module; it is also possible to use opening windows, instead of sliding doors.

Technical information


As a standard solution, the foundation is a screw pile system. For larger modules, on a reinforced concrete pier foundation or a strip foundation or base slab


The building’s main structure is comprised of massive laminated timber beams used along the lower and upper portions of the walls, and calibrated and strength-sorted wood elements are used for the framework of the wall.


Seinad soojustatakse Isoveri, Kingspani või sarnaste toodetega, vastavalt maja sihtotstarbele.


The walls are insulated with Isover and Kingspan products, according to the purpose of the house.


The exterior surface can be finished using your choice of material, the standard solution is wide wood boarding, which ensures better absorption of the surface protection.


Interior finish level is set according to the customer’s wishes.


Floors typically take the form of ventilated floors, load-bearing elements are a system of wood-metal beams, which allows for all utility lines to be easily moved about under the floor. The floor covering is varnished/oiled parquet, with floor tiles used in wet rooms. Insulation with Isover.


The load-bearing elements of the roof are typically a system of wood-metal beams, which allows for all utility lines to be easily moved about under the roof. Kingspan or Isover products are used for insulation. The roof is covered with Protan PVC roofing material for flat roofs and Ruukki Classic profile for gable roofs according to the customer’s wishes. Gutters and pipes are installed.


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