ECO Classic

The ECO Classic house brings together a classic gabled roof and modern features. The selection of projects includes both miniature (16 square meters) and more seasonal houses (108.7 square meters). Functional layout and plenty of light via glass walls.

In addition to the spacious interior, the EasyHome ECO CLASSIC project is surrounded by a wooden terrace, which is nice to sunbathe or dine on a summer evening. Cozy sleeping area with roof windows is a nice place to get a much needed shut eye for all.
Airy and bright house is a suitable solution for summer house of family home.

Aesthetic design and well-thought-out functionality.

Size from 16 square meters
Price from 1200 eur / square meter

Price does not include foundation and communications

Technical information


As a standard solution, the foundation is a screw pile system. For larger modules, on a reinforced concrete pier foundation or a strip foundation or base slab.


The building’s main structure is comprised of massive laminated timber beams used along the lower and upper portions of the walls, and calibrated and strength-sorted wood elements are used for the framework of the wall.


The walls are insulated with Isover and Kingspan products, according to the purpose of the house.


The exterior surface can be finished using your choice of material, the standard solution is wide wood boarding, which ensures better absorption of the surface protection.


Interior finish level is set according to the customer’s wishes.


Floors typically take the form of ventilated floors, load-bearing elements are a system of wood-metal beams, which allows for all utility lines to be easily moved about under the floor. The floor covering is varnished/oiled parquet, with floor tiles used in wet rooms. Insulation with Isover.


The load-bearing elements of the roof are typically a system of wood-metal beams, which allows for all utility lines to be easily moved about under the roof. Kingspan or Isover products are used for insulation. The roof is covered with Protan PVC roofing material for flat roofs and Ruukki Classic profile for gable roofs according to the customer’s wishes. Gutters and pipes are installed.

Buying process

Modular house – stress-free construction and a fixed budget


Mapping your wishes


Personalization and approval


Project construction


Transport of the house


Mounting for prepared communications


The house is ready for use

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