Work Prepared

Sten Ader’s projects are practical and stylish.


EasyHome ECO XXL, three bedroom house.


Tammisaari, Finland


CUBE L sauna module turnkey solution (incl. interior design)


Lääne county, Estonia

Buying process

Modular house – stress-free construction and a fixed budget


Mapping your wishes


Personalization and approval


Project construction


Transport of the house


Mounting for prepared communications


The house is ready for use

EasyHome modular houses features

  • Quality — produced at a uniform temperature in production construction
  • Ageless design — straight drawing and Scandinavian appearance are perfect for any environment
  • Modern or classic — the choice includes both a classic pitched roof and a modern flat roof
  • Mobility — products do not need a foundation and can be reassembled if necessary
  • Heating solution — the latest generation of energy-efficient air source heat pumps
  • According to your needs — the modular house is created according to your wishes and needs
  • Finishing — you can do the modular house finishing yourslef or choose a turnkey solution
  • Insulation — according to your wishes and needs
  • Quick installation — we can deliver the modular house in one piece or as components
  • Interior design — if desired, it is possible to add an interior design solution to the package